Hope's Point

Shelbyville, IN

As times change, so do an organizations goals. This same thought has held true for Hope's Point Baptist Church located in Shelbyville, IN. Hope's Point approached me with various ideas and wants that their old website could simply not handle. After a few weeks, it was decided that the only way to get the desired results was to start fresh. The entire site from the ground up was completely redesigned and redeveloped. The number one goal was to improve upon what was already in place via the old site as well as gain the interest of a younger crowd. With the addition of an easily accessible News and Events section, members now can stay in the loop with their Church. Another major addition that took place is with the previous sermons that had been recorded. Previously, members had to navigate to Hope's Point's YouTube page. This was an inconvenience to the end user. Instead an admin of the site can easily add those recordings to the site while still being able to take advantage of YouTube's streaming capabilities. If one is ever in the Shelbyville area, stop by on a Sunday morning and see what Hope's Point is really about!
Hope's Point Baptist Church

Gusti Italian Grill

Rocky River, Ohio

"Efficient and cost saving (no tipping waitresses), the consumer’s total time experience is less than a half hour. The food quality is prepared daily from scratch. Some of the produce comes from local farms. There are no hormones or antibiotics in the proteins. All purveyors are local and not national companies thus keeping all the business in greater Cleveland." - Pat Burns, Owner

This project was relatively in scale when referring to actual scope of the site. Various nuances with the design and overall presentation of the menu page did make this project interesting yet fun! From start to finish including support up to this very day, I handled all aspects of the Gusti build. Outside of the Gusti main site, there is an online ordering portion that had to be styled and designed out to ensure the end user has a seamless transition from gustiitaliangrill.com to their online ordering portal gustiitaliangrill.alohaorderonline.com. It has been a pleasure working with the restaurant's owner Pat Burns on this project. If ever in the Cleveland area, I would highly suggest giving Gusti a taste!
Gusti Italian Grill

P.F. Chang's Canada

Toronto, Canada

P.F. Chang's is world renowned for their exquisite dishes and intimate dining setting. Recently I had the pleasure of working with Interaction Asian Restaurants L.P. in helping them launch the Canadian Franchise of P.F. Chang's. The project was fairly straight-forward but took a fair amount of time due to the complexity of the site. Interaction Asian Restaurants gave me the template that they had been provided that coincided with the chains branding standards. I then took the photoshop template and coded it into a functional website then spend a lot of time integrating the CMS so the client would be able to easily maintain the large site. While the initial site has been launched, a online ordering component and other elements are going to be added in the near future.
P.F. Chang's Canada

U.S. Uniform & Supply

Indianapolis, Indiana

In desparate need of a website make-over, U.S. Uniform & Supply (USU) presented a bit of challenge. How do you advertise all the brands a company sells, without incorporating a large amount of eCommerce? Very carefully! The goal of the new site was to give its users a resource for which they could view the various brands that USU offers and present relevant information that all of our First Responder Men and Women need to stay current. Being the largest provider of uniforms in the Midwest, USU needed to have a very professional site that gave them the proper amount of internet respect that they deserve. From the initial design concept to the training session and launch, the project was handled by myself with the assistance of our developer at Netmasons.
U.S. Uniform Supply

George Smith's Music Center, Inc.

Anderson, Indiana

George Smith's Music Center, Inc. is a small family owned and operated music store located in Anderson, IN. They have been in business for 45+ years! Getting their start from George playing tunes in skating rinks, the once dream has grown in to a thriving stabile business. The site was designed and developed by R36 Designs with a powerful CMS (Content Management System) handling all the content behind the scenes. Striving to be their customer's full service store prompted them for a face-lift in the virtual realm. This site and design is merely only a phase in their overall plan. The next phase will consist of e-commerce and the same one-on-one experience on their website that has become the normal business etiquette of their brick and mortar store.
George Smith's Music Center, Inc.

Midwest POS, Inc.

Anderson, Indiana

Midwest POS is your one stop shop for any Point of Sale need! For this project, Midwest needed a completely fresh web appearance and tone. Specializing in Aloha and CounterPoint hospitality and sales solutions, the client wanted a site that would not only show their superior dominance in the Midwest US market, but a resource that its loyal customers could turn too with confidence. This project was conducted as a employee of Netmasons. From initial design concepts to the training session, I worked closely with Midwest POS's employees to design and develop a solution that would best fit their needs. It was a pleasure working with the staff and look forward to their future web needs!
Midwest POS, Inc.

Riverview Animal Hospital

Muncie, Indiana

Riverview Animal Hospital is a small to medium size veterinarian clinic specializing in small breed animals. This project was taken on as my Capstone Project for my senior year at IUPUI. All aspects of the project from design to the final training session with the client was handled by myself. One of the key components of the site is the Content Management System (CMS). The site has been configured such that virtually all aspects, with the exception of the navigation items, can be edited and changed by the client without ever touching code. I will be starting work for their sister location in New Castle very soon!
Riverview Animal Hospital

Indiana Economic Development Corporation


"The IEDC is focused exclusively on economic development and has incorporated all state entities with economic development responsibilities into its organizational structure. With its new structure and improved toolkit resulting from a successful legislative effort undertaken by the Governor and the Indiana General Assembly, the IEDC leverages Indiana's central location, pro-business environment, low tax rate, and skilled workforce to attract and support new business investment, create new jobs, and keep Indiana competitive in the 21st Century economy." -IEDC

I worked on this through Netmasons in partnership with The Basement. The Basement conducted the majority of the project management and all of the design work. My job on this project was to take the design that had been constructed and translate the project into web friendly languages. The new site will have a multitude of purposes. With this new tool at their disposal, IEDC will be able to target specific groups or companies and prove to them why they bring their businesses to the State of Indiana.
Cinzzetti's Gift Card Store

Cinzetti's Gift Card Store

Colorado & Kansas

Cinzetti's is a one of a kind Italian Restaurant. This restaurant combines both the aesthetic feel and the great cuisine of Italy. Looking to branch out and be more accessible to their customers online. The addition of of a gift card store in addition to their website helps the company achieve their goal. I handled all the design work for the store as well as the html and css coding as well. The goal was to have the the look emulate, as much as possible, the look of the actual website. Switching between the gift card store and the actual site does not change the look for the end user.
Cinzzetti's Gift Card Store

Creekside Restaurant

Brecksville, OH

Creekside Restaurant has been serving the people of Brecksville, OH for over 20 years. With their proven track record they were not only wanting to get their name out their, but to also allow their loyal customers a better online experience. The main goal was to give the end user all the information without the site looking cluttered. Using jQuery and CSS3 accomplished this goal and gives the customers a much more rich experience. My responsibilities for this site was to take the Photoshop template of the site and translate that into html and css. The second step to this was to integrate the Netmason’s CMS (Content Management System) that will allow the owners of Creekside to update their site.
Creekside Restaurant
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Social Media

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

Indianapolis, IN

Each year, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful supports an average of 500 community improvement projects with 40,000 volunteers. With that kind of out reach donor support is crucial. The goal of this Facebook App is to do just that; grow the donor base of KIB. This app allows users, after “Liking” the page, to enter their name and email address and submit it to Keep Indy Beautiful. The design and coding was completed by myself while working for Achieve. The App also allows users to donate in support certain projects of their choice. By clicking the different dollar amounts or project scattered throughout the tree, the user is then taken to a Google checkout page where they can enter their payment information.
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Facebook Application

Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids

Noblesville, IN

Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids is a partnership between Riverview Hospital (Noblesville, IN) and Promising Futures of Central Indiana to provide an educational initiative focused on parenting. This initiative was started in the Fall of 2011. With not having a database of donors and user signups, both organizations were wanting to develop this further and thats just what this App was created for. The design and the coding of the application were completed by myself while working at Achieve. The goal was to allow users to get as much information from their Facebook Page without having to leave Facebook.
Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids Facebook App
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Logos & Print

Hometown Graphics

Alexandria, IN

Hometown Graphics is a newly founded business based out of Alexandria, IN. The owner of the company has been making shirts for her clients for quite some time but wanted to take it to the next level and start her own company. Her goal is to not become some huge corporation but to instead service the people of Alexandria and surrounding areas. Keeping the small town feel but communicating a certain amount of professionalism at the same time are displayed in her logo. I started with this foundation and the tag line and ended up with the logo to the right.
Hometown Graphics Logo

Millennial Donor Summit 2011 (MDS11)


The Millennial Donor Summit of 2011 was the first of its kind. This summits purpose was to bring together all of the leading figures on millennial engagement in both the profit and non-profit world. Speakers ranged from Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG foundation to closing speaker Barbara P. Bush of Global Health Corps. For this summit, the logo had to be young looking, professional, and ground breaking. These goals were accomplished by using the type faces that displayed them.
Millennial Donor Summit 2011 Logo